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By: Donald Armstrong

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Summer in the City


For my final project I decided to do a sunset silhouette of a city that I created myself. I thought the picture looked more professional
than the rest of my projects and by far is definitely the project I am most pleased with. For the buildings in my picture I chose to create them with the pen tool and the rectangle tool. In my opinion the piece came out looking like a postcard which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it looks generic to me. However that doesn’t change the fact that I think it looks pretty good. The background I chose to create with a sunset picture that was live traced because I wanted it to be very detailed and almost come off as realistic. The sun however I created myself. I wanted to make some of the buildings have a foreign feel, that’s why some of them resemble some Russian architecture. As for the other things in my picture I decided to add an airplane in the picture because I thought it would give a representation of today’s world and how people in cities are constantly on the go and there’s really little time for rest in today’s rapidly changing world. Another extremely small detail I decided to add was the birds near the sun only because I simply thought they looked neat. I am overall pleased with this project and enjoyed creating it.

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Reid's Grizzly

Reid's Grizzly
Artist Statement

The piece that I decided to do this time was a vector. In my vector is chose to make an animal. The animal I chose was a grizzly bear. The techniques that I decided to use in my vector were using the pen tool obviously and creating my own brush stroke to show detail on the fur of the animal. First one of the techniques I used was going over all the fur with the brush tool. I matched all the colors as close as I could. After I did this I took away the background and really didn’t like the way that the picture looked. For a little while I thought I had just made a horrible piece. Then I had an idea to combine it with the use of the pen tool.

On my second layer I traced the entire picture again with the pen tool. After I did this I matched the colors of the pen tool trace to the colors of the brush tool. After I did this I took off the background of the picture and the final product actually looked pretty good.

Overall after I finished this piece I thought that It was one of the best projects I’ve done. I think it looks really detailed compared to some of my other pieces.

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One Word Piece

Artist Statement

In my piece that I did I chose to do the one word art contest. The word that I chose in my piece is tranquility. While I was doing this project I wanted to experiment with the new live trace feature. I used this tool in a lot of my piece, Mainly in my background. For my piece I really wanted to give it a relaxing mood so I thought I would center around the concept of peacefulness in my project. When I thought of relaxation a peaceful outdoor scene always come to mind and what better way to express that than with a peaceful outdoor scene for a background.

Some tools that I had experimented with were tools as simple as color filtering and adjusting Red, green, and blue in my images. The live trace was a large part of my vector because I wanted my background to look vectored, but at the same time have that realistic feel to it.

The background I chose was a calm scene on a beech with some surrounding mountains at sunrise. I added some clouds that I cropped and vectored in the top left of my background. I also changed the opacity of these clouds so that they could blend in with the rest of the picture. One part of my picture that I like a lot is the Buddha that I used in the bottom right hand corner of my piece. Something I did to make the message I was trying to convey clear was just straight up drop the word “Tranquility” in my project. I liked the way that it turned out for the most part, but one thing I would have liked to do is vectored some of the images myself, but I was limited by time so I chose to experiment with the live trace instead.


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